Elephas - Personal AI Writing Assistant for Mac

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Your personal AI writing assistant for Mac

(Please check all benefits in detail and buy Elephas through the website https://elephas.app/pricing)

Elephas is you personal AI writing assistant for Mac, iPad and iPhone.

It's Super brain feature is like ChatGPT for your entire knowledge base. You can write faster, smarter and save up to 3 hours every day with Elephas.

Super Brain

Don't let personal knowledge management become a painful chore. Use Elephas Super Brain to seamlessly distill and express the best ideas from all your knowledge.

Supports data from a variety of popular sources, including PDF, Word, Notion, Obsidian, and even webpages.

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ChatGPT on top of all your apps

Run any task with the super-command bar, from filling out your Google Sheets to summarizing articles for you. Chat with your data to gain insights or write an article.

Learn more about Elephas Super chat.

Loved by thousands of users across the globe.

What our customers say about us:

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Never feel stuck again

Looking to save hours on tedious writing tasks? Our smart AI assistant can help with everything from proposals and cover letters to blogs and creating social media posts.
Across your favorite applications -

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Write attractive content

Your emails should look professional, blogs should be clutter-free, and your social media content should engage your audience. Elephas got all three content rewrite modes.

Learn Zinsser mode that our users love.

Reply with a click

Are you spending too much time replying to emails, social media posts, or official chat messages? Now, you can reply to them with just a click!

Works across popular tools -

AI Smart Keyboard for iPhone and iPad

Write content seamlessly across your Apple devices; write emails, documents, and rewrite text to different tones.

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More from our customers -

You need a minimum macOS version of 11 to use Elephas.

You can choose any one of 3 plans -

  • Standard
  • Pro
  • Pro Plus
  • Team (minimum 5 seats)

Check out the website https://elephas.app/pricing to compare the different plans before buying.

Check out our blog to learn sample use cases.


  1. After you subscribe, download the DMG file from https://elephas.app/downloads/Elephas_latest.dmg
  2. Follow https://elephas.app/blog/getting-started-with-elephas-mac-writing-app-cl4b9r5qt52721ploqf63041c


  1. You need to use your own OpenAI account keys, which means you will be charged by OpenAI every month. If you use 2500 tokens per day, 20 active days, you may pay up to 0.02*2.5*20 = $1
  2. Check this article to understand the steps to create a key with OpenAI
  3. Check out our blog page for examples
  4. You will receive your Gumroad via email from Gumroad. Check your spam folder as well

Free cancellation during the trial period

Thank you for your interest in using Elephas.

Due to the digital nature of the product, we don't offer any refunds. All sales are final. We offer free version to test it first.

If you don't like the product, you can cancel your subscription during any time.

Your credit card will be charged every month/year under the name "Gumroad".

Last updated May 9, 2024


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Elephas - Personal AI Writing Assistant for Mac

29 ratings