Elephas - Personal AI Writing Assistant for Mac

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Turn your Mac into a productivity machine with AI

(Please buy Elephas through the website https://elephas.app/pricing)

A must-have tool for business executives, technical professionals, and content writers.

Content Writers

👉 Generate blog ideas and outline for any keywords

👉 Produce a complete article given an outline

👉 Repurpose your content for social media

👉 Write headlines that convert

👉 Write a Tweet or LinkedIn post

Business Executives

👉 Turn short instructions into ready-to-send professional emails

👉 Complete your business proposal

👉 Convert your meeting notes into a summary

👉 Create a presentation in 30 seconds

👉 Rewrite sentences to match a style. Zinsser mode is the most popular one among our users.

Technical Professionals

👉 Write a technical blog

👉Write interview questions

👉 Write code in any language

👉 Fix grammar mistakes in the selected text

👉 Understand any code with our "Explain code" feature

More productivity-related features to come. Stay tuned!

All without ever leaving your application. Elephas works across different applications on your Mac,

  1. Apple Mail
  2. Apple Notes
  3. Gmail
  4. TextEdit
  5. Apple Message
  6. Pages
  7. Outlook Mail Web
  8. Google Docs
  9. Microsoft Word Online
  10. Slack
  11. Microsoft Teams

and more.

The team version requires a minimum of 4 users.

Elephas works in two modes,

  1. Inline mode - Such as rewriting your content on Google Docs or Apple Mail.
  2. Window - It opens up a dedicated window for you to fine-tune the parameters. Features include blog writing and headline writing.

You need a minimum macOS version of 11.

Check out the website https://elephas.app/pricing to compare the different plans before buying.

Check out our blog to learn sample use cases.

Free 1-week trial. This is an early bird price, and it will increase after the initial launch period. You can cancel anytime.


  1. After you subscribe, download the DMG file from https://elephas.app/downloads/Elephas_latest.dmg
  2. Follow https://elephas.app/blog/getting-started-with-elephas-mac-writing-app-cl4b9r5qt52721ploqf63041c


  1. You need to use your own OpenAI account keys, which means you will be charged by OpenAI every month. If you use 2500 tokens per day, 20 active days, you may pay up to 0.02*2.5*20 = $1
  2. Check this article to understand the steps to create a key with OpenAI
  3. Check out our blog page for examples
  4. You will receive your Gumroad via email from Gumroad. Check your spam folder as well
All memberships include a 1 month free trial

Free cancellation during the trial period

Thank you for your interest in using Elephas.

Due to the digital nature of the product, we don't offer any refunds. All sales are final.

But we do offer a 30 day free trial where you can try the product and all it's features.

If you don't like the product, you can cancel your subscription during this period and you won't be charged anything.

Your credit card will only be charged after the free trial period. After which we offer no refunds.

Last updated Nov 9, 2023



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Elephas - Personal AI Writing Assistant for Mac

11 ratings